Thursday, February 23, 2012

True Art

What follows is a quote from Makoto Fujimura, a New York artist and founder of the International Arts movement.  It was taken from the commencement speech he gave last spring at Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi.  You can find the complete text of the speech here.

True Art does not chase after novelty—it is a sensory quest toward the New order of what God is creating, toward fully realized humanity. Using our senses, Art poses deeper questions, rather than giving easy answers.  To be truly human in a liquid reality, we must re-define what the culture of fear and cynicism deems as the “world that ought to be.”  "The World that Ought" to be is not an utopia; it is instead created out of sacrificial love. To love is to quest for the “World that Ought to Be.” Love is enduring and love uses all of our senses. Love is generative, and will create the stage for the New to appear. The role of the artist in a liquid reality is to awaken all of our senses through creativity and love. 

He tells us what, but not how.  The how is for us to find.  On to the search to awaken my readers through creativity and love . . .

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