Monday, October 29, 2012

I Have Approved This Message

Do politicians really approve their messages?

This morning my husband was trying to get our dog, softball 2011 032Franny, to stand up so he could apply some healing salve.  She hates it.  I am the persuader.  I barked at her to stand and stay and then added, “I am Diana, your master, and I approve this message.”  Kinder and gentler doesn’t cut it when the dog is a stubborn mix of Chow and something else. 

But what about us, the voters?  Do politicians expect us to perform like stubborn dogs.  What if the candidate started his commercial or speech by respecting his opponent?  What if he said:  “I have studied the career of X and find him to be a man of integrity and wisdom.  However, I disagree with his platform and think I can do a better job under the present condition.  This is how I would change things:   .  .  .

Now that's a commercial I would pay attention to.  That’s one that would make me stand up and consider voting for a candidate.  Hello out there, politicians.  Anyone listening? 


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