Monday, November 12, 2012

Thankful for Much?

Thanksgiving is far more than turkey.  It’s the time when early colonists of the US were able to take a breath and turn their hardship into celebration of God’s grace.  It’s the time when we can turn our focus from ourselves and our problems and even the512The_First_Thanksgiving_cph.3g04961 problems of our country and thank God for His provision.  What would happen if each day between now and Thanksgiving, we could find three things to thank God for?  What might happen if everyone did that?  Let’s give it a try.  I’ll be frequently posting my three things; give a shout out with yours and we’ll multiply the thanksgiving.

Three Things for Which I am Thankful Today

  1. Simplicity of following Jesus.  The Rule of Christ is simple.  We serve Christ when we act with love, joy, and peace.  Romans 14:17-18.  There are other rules:  The Rule of St. Benedict has 73 Chapters. The Rules of both St. Francis and St. Clare have 12 sections, the Rule of St. Ignatius has 14, while the Rule of St. Albert has 24.  The Rule of St. Augustine has 8.  The Rule of Jesus is simply to act in accord with the Holy Spirit in love, joy, and peace.  Freedom!
  2. Rain.  The tap, tap, tap of rain on the roof and the high-pitched rumble (rimble?) as it drains into the gutters.  I’d almost forgotten the sound and scent of rain.  Thank you, God, for the gentle rain watering the earth
  3. A return to normalcy.  I had a drug reaction.  I didn’t know it was a drug reaction.  When my birthday hit this fall I began itching.  First my upper arms, then my chest.  Little bumps and lumps sprang up on my arms, my chest, and over the months crept up to my neck and spread to my forearms.  It looked like an itchy sunburn on areas that rarely to never saw sun.  My husband suggested I stopped taking one drug and today the the rash has subsided on my forearms, the last place it hit me and there is no itch anywhere.  Thank you, God, for normal skin!

What can you say thanks for today?

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