Sunday, January 28, 2007

Review: Paul: A Musical Journey

Last night, at the Palace Theatre, I saw Paul: A Musical Journey. It was much better than I expected. True to history in it's general plot, with a musical story line that kept me interested. There was humor and some pathos. You can read more about this musical here . Musically, It was a very good mix of the various types of instrumental music: light jazz, gospel, and R&B. The musicians were strong, and there was good interplay between the instruments and the excellent vocals. The plot moved fluidly from one scene to another with the help of an able narrator. There were a few technical glitches: men's voices tended to overdrive the mics, a couple of lighting problems, and one scene I would have cut because it added nothing (the scene with John Mark and his mother encourging him.) Some of the dramatic effects unintentionally created laughter which was fine because there was light humor throughout. For a humorous look at the Apostle Paul with excellent music and vocals, give this a try. I don't know what it takes to schedule something like this, but but just a quarter page ad in the late fall is not sufficient for something performed in late January. There was a little mention the Thursday prior but nothing on radio stations, TV, billboards, or any place else in the newspaper. So many people missed a worthy performance. If it comes back I will encourage friends to see it.