Friday, April 4, 2014

Ragamuffin Movie


Ragamuffin is a movie for everyone—for everyone that has felt a hunger for more. 1780160_758440657508100_2024441550_oThe film is based on the life of Rich Mullins a musician who died at a fairly young age.  I saw Rich in concert in the 1970’s or 80’s and he was one of the few musicians who moved me to the point where I purchased almost everything he produced.  The film’s writer, director, and actors ably aided me in identifying with places and situations in Rich’s life.  The lead actor impressed me with his ability to capture Rich's mannerisms and style of speech. As someone with a degree in film, I found it well directed and well edited. Some of the minor actors appeared wooden, but they did not detract from the overall feeling of the film. The theme of this sometimes coming-of-age film dealt with universal (and Rich's) issues of father hunger, hearing God, and growth. Interestingly, my husband, who likes only action movies, was as riveted as I was. The approximately 2.5 hours sped by. The cameos with Brennan Manning were an honor to his life and ministry. I have urged my friends to see this movie because it has something for the generations who never seen or heard Rich Mullins or Brennan Manning.

Note: for those with a sensitivity to swearing, there are a few well-placed and appropriate "damns", but no other words of that sort.