Monday, November 5, 2018

14 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Broke My Knee

1.       It’s never wise to go downstairs quickly or run downstairs—you may break a bone and 2 ligaments.
2.       The operating room looks like something out of Star Trek, yes that’s right.  Star Trek, not Star Wars.
3.       When the doctor asks if you want physical therapy, you might want to say “no” and simply google the exercises associated with the injury.
4.       Muscle strength may decline after age 40 and alsowhen you are inactive, find a way to exercise both your upper and lower body—maybe a gym.
5.       When your physical therapist tells you that you can walk over grassy fields and packed earth paths, ask if he’s consulted the doctor.
6.       When your physical therapist tells you that you don’t need a brace, get one anyway.
7.       Stretching like a cat may be better than the stretches prescribed by the physical therapist.
8.       When something other than your knee hurts, you need a massage therapist, not a physical therapist.
9.       When your physical therapist tells you that you cannot quit, quit anyway.
10.   You should not exercise after seeing the massage therapist—it is too painful.
11.   You must not exercise before seeing the massage therapist—the massage becomes useless and the muscles ache for days (instead of removing lactic acid and increasing blood flow, the lactic acid remains and blood flow diminishes with the massage after exercise).
12.   If the massage causes excruciating pain, you should find another massage therapist.
13.   It will take a long time to get back to easy hiking.  Keep working at it, persevere, keep moving. 
14.   Find friends and therapists who are encouragers.  Find them and hold on to their words of encouragement.  Forget the discouraging words in your brain.