Monday, January 9, 2012

Conversion and Measures


Here are a few useful sites for the new year.

  • Have you ever been sitting in front of you computer and you wanted to measure something?  Did you look vainly for a tape measure or measuring stick?  Here is a website that shows you a virtual ruler.  As long as the object you want to measure can be held up to your screen, you can find its dimensions.  I used it to compare the dimensions of my phone to other phones in reviews I was reading.  What will you use it for?
  • Simple calculations:  use Google as a calculator and currency converter.  Examples: 5+2*2sqrt(-4), 3 meters in feet, dollars to euros, 5 GBP in yen.
  • Complex Conversions:  This website helps you convert anything to anything else. 

Now, if we could only convert the Woes of 2011 to the Joys of 2012!

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