Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Five Worst Reasons to Hold a Garage/Estate/Moving Sale

  1. You want exercise.  Well, if it’s exercise you want, preparing for a sale will exercise your back right into the easy chair.  And a wonderful chair it is, I might add.
  2. You want some extra cash.  If it’s cash you want, there are far better ways to earn it.  In terms of hours worked, the profit came to far less than minimum wage.
  3. You want to find out who your friends are.  Yes, you can’t do it alone and your true friends are the ones who volunteer to help before you resort to begging or promising huge rewards.  Three friends (including my husband) helping me on the day of the sale and 3 other friends helped me prepare for the sale, packing, organizing, and pricing.  But I knew they were my friends before the sale. 
  4. You want to have your own opinion of yourself destroyed, your house cluttered, and emotions frazzled.  Yes, the garage sale showed me how strong, unsentimental, and non-materialistic I truly was.  I could not give up my grandma’s conch shell which I had never wanted in the past, my heart broke to see my mother’s talented home design being torn apart, and I carefully sifted through all of the items and filled my house and car with things I had never wanted, didn’t need, but couldn’t let go of.
  5. Finally, the single worst reason to hold a sale is for the money.  The psychic wear and tear as people pay pennies on the dollar for items precious to my mother and as other precious items go unwanted is not worth the small amount of cash I ended up with.

Never again will I hold a garage sale.  Have you had a similar experience?  Perhaps yours was a great success.  Let me know.

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