Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And So It Continues . . .

Here is the 1st paragraph of my second novel.  If you Ignaz_Günther_Elias_BNMhadn’t read the first, would you feel comfortable with knowing where the protagonist (Eli) was heading.  Does this paragraph give you sufficient background to continue?


I never thought the life of a prophet of Yahweh would be any less than a minor degree of earth-shattering glory. Oh, I knew how hard it was for Moses, but after the hardship came the success: the plagues, the parting of the sea, and thousands of dead Egyptians. Was something like that about to happen to me? At the moment, I didn’t feel anything like a prophet. I was leaving the prophet’s school which had been sequestered in a cave, or should I say five caves in the Carmel Mountains. I was seated among supplies in the dark covered bed of a quarry wagon while my Aramean friend, Talib and my other friend, Jon talked over the din of the horses hooves and the clatter of the wagon wheels. Only a year ago I hadn’t known either of them. Only a year ago I had only one friend, Ben, the friend of my youth. Who’d have thought that my best friend was an Aramean when Arameans had murdered my parents? Who’d have thought that Yahweh would ever choose an Aramean as his prophet? Yet, Talib was the one who had found me through a dream, a dream that must have come from Yahweh.

Now, do you feel caught-up or do you want more background before we delve into the story?

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